GDPR Declaration


The GDPR Legislation has come into force in 2018. In order to comply with this legislation and regular processing (which includes collecting, storing and using personal data. As a business AD CONSULTANCY Ltd required by law to document what personal information we keep for all of our clients, whether this be a one-off consultation or a regular client.

At the initial consultation the following information will be taken from you (with your consent):

* Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address, Consultation dates, Ailments, Products, follow up due date, additional information.

All previous, current and future clients will have a consultation record which records all of the information above and are kept locked away securely which only AD Consultancy Ltd staff have access to.

We are required to keep this information for legal and insurances purposes. All information will be kept for a period of 7 years from initial communication after which it will be securely destroyed unless you are still a client of ours. You do have the right to see any information we keep, and you can request that any data be changed or securely destroyed.

We do not use the information for anything else other than to contact you and to keep a record of the products that you have purchased.

We will not pass your information to a third party nor we will use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Any information given to us on AD Consultancy Ltd company Facebook page, Instagram and any other social media platform, is only accessible by us at AD Consultancy Ltd. You may request that once we have written your details on your consultation record we delete any message which contains your personal information.

Any information that you have given us, or we receive by text message on our mobile phones are accessible only by us and our phones are locked with security codes. You may also request that these text messages are deleted once we have inputted the information on your consultation record.

We trust that you feel confident and secure that we at AD Consultancy Ltd take the greatest of care with all our clients/information/details.

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