S. Williams

In April 2018 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which spread into my bones. I have secondary bone cancer which is incurable. I started taking CBD oil in May. I had a P.S.A reading of 1000. If reading is 5 you are to be cleared. I was told the cancer would spread and enter my spine and I would end up in a wheelchair. A year on after treatment my P.S.A level is 11. Oncologists were amazed at my recovery obviously the oil helped.

Anom / Nurse

Thank you for having a compassionate and listening ear, this makes all the difference with coping with the debilitating pain. All the GP does is refer me for an operation which doesn't address the issue of osteoarthritis. The annoying part is that drugs are available and have been for some years but not available to a general patient. The cannabis genus has improved my general mood and sleep pattern thanks.

E.Williams / Health Professional

I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my hips and a hip impingement which results in chronic pain and fatigue. The GP's are good but kept prescribing me strong painkillers and not treating the issue, which was not for me.  I eventually approached AD Consultancy who offered me a free consultation and advice on CBD oils, we worked together to find the right product for me. The holistic approach works for me.